Vegan Mac Down by FFAC

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Yesterday Banana Slugs for Animals took a trip to Oakland for the Vegan Mac Down, a mac and cheese cook-off, hosted by the Factory Farming Awareness Coalition. We may have been a bit over eager and arrived an hour early. Needless to say they weren’t quite ready for us yet so we walked around and found an interesting thrift shop to look in. After wasting time for a bit we headed back to the venue (still early) and anxiously waited outside for it to begin.

We were all ready to eat!

As soon as the doors were open we were inside. They had a lot of great booths set up with companies like Hampton Creek and Peace Panther. Hampton Creek had lots of cookie samples, which they apparently offer for corporate events and large orders. So obviously we loved their table ๐Ÿ˜‰ They also gave all the attendees free Rebel Mylk coffee drinks, Zevia sodas and Beanfield chip bags.

After pursuing around we found their photo booth! Complete with props. BSA club had so much fun taking photos.



Then came the Mac and Cheese tasting! We were handed our ballot sheet and a plate with samples of all the contestants dishes.



We discussed each sample after tasting them like we were food critics which was pretty fun. The dishes were:

Mac and taters

Ivy’s Macaroni and Cheese

Backyard BBQ Mac and Cheese with Vegan “pulled pork”

German Mac and Cheese with Homemade Spaetzel

Jeremie’s Mac and Cheese Pie

Mexican style Mac and Cheese Nachos

So many fun, inventive flavors! My favorite was the German one and it won my vote (along with many of my group’s). It was creamy and the noodles were perfectly cooked and the flavor was delicious.

It was such a fun event and it helped us bond more as a club. Though our primary focus is animal rights it’s always fun to attend vegan foodie events!

Thanks to the FFAC for hosting! They are a great organization and if you haven’t heard of them before I recommend checking them out!



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