Raw Rev Bars Review

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If you follow me on IG you probably already know my love for vegan nutrition bars. Most of them taste like healthy candy bars and that is right up my ally. I try not to rely on them too much as a food source, but they make handy snacks when I’m at school or have a particularly busy day. Sometimes it’s nice just to have something energy dense on hand.

That’s why I was particularly happy to sample Raw Rev’s new line of vegan bars. They’re high protein and fiber and low sugar (win!). Most vegan bars they sell in stores can be packed with sugar and sometimes it’s nice to have a better alternative. Raw Rev bars are also all vegan and GF which is a big win for people who may have certain allergies or dietary restrictions. IMG_3702Raw Revolution are also all organic and non GMO which is a plus for me, because I absolutely want to avoid supporting companies like Monsanto in any way possible. It’s great to have a company that is so transparent and up front about their products and company ethics. I also love that they are ALL vegan and mention on their website how this is a more environmentally friendly way to eat. It’s great that they not only make plant based foods but advocate for a plant based diet.

They also use nutrient rich products like flax, hemp and chia (no empty calories there). They contain great protein sources from pea, hemp and brown rice so you’re getting nutrients from the plants and nothing processed or additive.

My personal favorite was the Mixed Nuts Caramel and Sea Salt. It was creamy and the sweetness was subtle. They also are substantial for their size. I snacked on this while reading on the back patio in the afternoon and it was the perfect size to tide me over until dinner.


The Peanut butter and Dark Chocolate Sea Salt was a close second! It had a gooey chocolate center that would totally satisfy any chocolate craving. The creamy peanut butter and sea slat was also great!

For being low sugar they had a great flavor and texture. I will definitely be purchasing more in the future and I highly recommend them. Check out Raw Rev on IG and FB to stay updated about new products, giveaways, and deals!


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