Playing Catch Up

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Phew. The last few weeks have been busy but it’s great to be home. The college environment is so stressful for me. The last few weeks I could barely sleep and finals was, well….interesting. But that’s all over and done with so I’m not looking back.

Within the first few days of being home I noticed a complete flip in my stress level. I’ve had no anxiety, slept through the nights easily and I’m just relaxed all the time. I’ve laughed until my stomach hurts and played board games with my brother. In other words it’s good to be home. I think it’s interesting how coming back to the home I grew up in and being a family unit again makes my worries melt away.

We’ve been trying to keep up with our garden and fruit trees. The fig and apricot trees are yielding a lot of fruit this year!

Look how big those figs are! And we grow everything organically.

The apricots are just out of control. We’ve been eating apricots all day long, but no one’s complaining. 🙂 It’s a bonus that they’re free. It”s so hot outside that just climbing around on the step stool to pick them all makes me all sweaty and gross. I’m already wondering how I’m going to survive the Arizona heat in a few weeks.

One of the best parts of being home is enjoying all the animal snuggles.

Unfortunately they somehow have picked up fleas, despite us giving them flea medicine every month. We had to give them flea baths yesterday and if you know cats and water you know how that went. The poor babies yowled and tried to strain away from the water but we really needed to get the fleas off so they would stop biting them. Fleas can also lead to illnesses if they’re carrying viruses. I held Fig wrapped in a towel for a half hour after that but luckily he forgave us and started purring. We also outfitted all of them with flea collars so fingers crossed those darn fleas go away. I hate seeing them biting. We also washed all the bedding in the house since the cats love lounging on our beds.

We also harvested a giant zucchini from the garden and so in an effort to use that monster up I made zucchini bread and muffins. The bread recipe is from Oh She Glows and is also oil free! I added in a handful of dark chocolate chips because why not? It was delicious though my streusel topping kind of melted into the bread creating a soft sweet layer on top.

One of my new favorite summer treats is freezing leftover coffee in an ice cube tray and then pouring almond milk over it. It’s a perfect summer afternoon treat or even morning because its too hot to drink hot coffee here, even in the morning.

After coming home to Stockton for the summer though I don’t think I want to live somewhere this hot after college. I’d rather stay closer to the Bay or go North. The summer heat is sweltering.

Hope everyone else is enjoying their summer!


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