Theo Chocolate Review

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One of my all time favorite chocolate companies is Theo Chocolate. Though they’re not all vegan…they make amazing dark chocolate that also happens to be soy free, fair trade and non GMO with many vegan bars. Theo was the first Organic and Fair Trade fair for life Bean-to-Bar chocolate company in North America.

Even though certain foods may be vegan it doesn’t mean they’re cruelty free and chocolate is one of the biggest culprits. Theo is not only fair trade, but makes a point of championing fair trade and nurturing close relationships with the cacao bean farmers. On the Theo Website they even show where their farms are located in the world and list their producers information like location, number of workers, farm size and Certifications. It’s awesome to see where the chocolate is actually coming from unlike so many other chocolate companies.


A few months ago Theo came out with a vegan, dark chocolate, soy free and palm oil free peanut butter cup! One of those things that is difficult to find as far as vegan chocolate goes. I love that they also made them palm oil free because palm oil is very destructive to rainforest habitats and orangoutang populations. (I’m iffy on sustainable palm products).

When I was a kid Reeses where my absolute favorite and I remember trading my brother sour candy on halloween for his Reeses PB cups. It’s nice to be able to enjoy a more ethical candy now!


They’re also absolutely delicious!


Plus they’re shaped like hearts! How cute is that?

Theo also recently came out with Dark Chocolate coconut bites in two flavors: Salted Almond and Original. They taste very similar to Almond Joys in taste and they were both delicious though I slightly favor the salted almond.


The coconut bites are also soy free and Palm Oil free! Score!

DSCN2006I’m pretty familiar with Theo’s dark chocolate because I buy it pretty regularly at the store. I always say I’ll try a new kind but I end up going for Theo’s ginger dark chocolate bar almost overtime. The combo of spicy and sweet candied ginger with deep dark chocolate is pretty much my favorite thing.


I regularly enjoy a few squares with fresh fruit after dinner. Their vegan dark chocolate line contains: Dark Chocolate, Salted Almond, Raspberry, Ginger and Sea Salt. My favorite is still the ginger but they’re all amazing (the salted almond is a close second).


I also enjoyed plopping a square on top of my morning oats. The warm oats melt the chocolate and it’s a little treat to start your morning off right.


The freeze dried raspberries in the raspberry dark chocolate bar were also a great touch. It gives it a little crunch along with the creamy chocolate.

Theo is definitely one of my favorite chocolate companies. I can’t wait until I make my way up to Seattle WA and can take a tour of their factory. Make sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram  for more chocolatey goodness! Sometimes they also host giveaways and post special deals so keep an eye out. And definitely give their chocolate a try when you see them in stores!

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day Weekend!


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