Oakland Veg Fest

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So I haven’t blogged in awhile but be ready for an influx of posts. Last weekend I went to Oakland Veg Fest with the Banana Slugs for Animals Club (UC Santa Cruz’s animal rights club). We took a break from leafleting and film screenings to have some fun! This is only my second time going to a Veg Fest BUT they’re so much fun I can’t wait to go to more. It’s nice to be around like minded people! We were also one of the first 200 people there so we got a nice goody bag that included Beanfield’s Ranch Chips, Rebel Mylk Coffee drink, Artisana Coconut Butter single serve packet, Earth Balance peanut butter single serve packet, Dr. Bronner’s Soap Bars, Coupons and mini Larabars.

11148322_897760943623510_7470368860174401480_nThere were so many great companies there! Miyoko’s Creamery, Beanfields, Hampton’s Creek, Sanctuary Bistro, Dr. Bronners, Ellovi Natural Cosmetics, and so many more! There was also an abundance of free samples including Hampton’s Creek Just Cookie Dough which was fantastic. And Sanctuary Bistro’s Chocolate Coconut mousse.


11002492_897761056956832_7575126192492905179_nThere were also many activist and awareness organizations like Vegan Outreach, Sea Shepherd, Mercy for Animals, Animal Place Farm Sanctuary, and more. I loved talking to the people representing them and getting more information about future ways to be involved with activism. Especially after college when I will no longer be part of BSA.


11156336_897761043623500_2048489449998135788_nI was particularly happy to talk to Animal Place since I’ll be interning there for 6 weeks this summer!! SO excited.

After all the free samples and after walking around through the booths a few times we checked out the food trucks.


11008458_897761026956835_1267662792112569894_n11182253_897760986956839_8758308067380532323_nBut after all the free samples I wasn’t really feeling  heavy lunch so I opted for Lemon Tabboleuh and Almond Hummus Plate with massaged Kale from Two Mamma’s Vegan Kitchen stand. After eating lunch BSA took a break and we played some frisbee on the lawn which was a lot of fun!

11078161_897760956956842_8355334475861753906_nThe speakers were also amazing! We listened to Colleen Patrick Gordeau’s talk on the ethics of Veganism and Vegan nutrition. She was hilarious and a great speaker who started the day off on a good note. At the end of Veg Fest we listened to Bryant Terry’s talk on Food Justice and Social Justice which was equally incredible and I can’t wait to get my hands on his book “Afro-Vegan.” If you haven’t heard of them before I recommend checking them out.

After the Veg Fest BSA headed to Veggie Grill for dinner which was amazing (I hope they expand and add new locations). If there was one in Santa Cruz I would be there all the time.

It was so much fun and made me so happy to be vegan. There was so much love at the Veg Fest and I can’t wait to attend another. Props to the organizers.


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