Idaho Summer 2014

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Almost every summer we’ve taken a road trip up to my grandparents property in Idaho. They lived on a 160 acre plot in Sandpoint, ID with a simple house and a large garden. My grandpa was a National Park Ranger and when he retired he and my Gram moved up to Idaho and turned the property into his own mini National Park. He was big on preserving the land and promoted the belief “take only pictures, leave only footsteps.” When he died a few years ago and my Gram moved into a care home for dementia, we took over maintaining the land and upkeep. 

Their property has such a special place in my heart. You’re miles from town and all you can hear is quiet. The birds, the wind, the creek…just the sounds of peace. You can’t really get a good cell phone signal up there which forces you to go mostly tech free. It’s actually a pretty awesome experience. It’s amazing how much time and brain power you have for other things when you’re not glued to the internet or your cell phone. 

Plus coming from a city, where interactions with wildlife is limited, and quiet is hard to come by it was fascinating to me. As a kid I would get so excited about waking up to a moose visible in the meadow out the kitchen window or deers at the salt lick by the trees. (I still do). I wish everyone could experience that way of life. 

Here’s a couple of the deers we spotted in the yard 🙂


I also snagged a picture of a moose we spotted down by the creek: 


Moose can be pretty elusive. I’ve been coming every summer or winter since I was born 19 years ago and I’ve only seen 3. He was munching on some leaves and we watched him from a distance before heading off. Super cool! 

All of the wildlife around me makes me appreciate life so much more. All of these creatures are fascinating to watch and appreciate that I can’t imagine people killing them. Hunting is huge in Idaho along with fishing and I’ve definitely struggled with this when I’ve visited over the last few years. I’m glad that I know all of the life on our property is safe and won’t be hunted there. 

I loved picking some fresh organic strawberries and cherries from my Gram’s garden. The caretaker who watches the house for us while we’re in California has done a pretty good job of maintaining her garden. She loved gardening and I remember the hours she would spend out there when we visited. I can picture her even now kneeling in her cut off jean shorts and rolled up shirt with her wide brim straw hat pulling weeds. I’m glad to see that the garden she loved is thriving. 


We had so many adventures while we were there that it can’t all fit in one post so I’ll update soon about hiking beautiful Schweitzer and picking 40 pounds of organic blueberries as well as exploring the Oregon Coast on the way home. The pacific Northwest is without a doubt my favorite place to be. 

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