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The last week or so have been full of day trips and adventures around the Central Valley. Of course , my mom and I, being the planners that we are spent the night before on the computers looking up cool and affordable things to do In San Francisco and Davis(next post). I also wanted to make sure I researched places to eat so that I could find some awesome vegan places. However, finding places that cater to both my brother’s omnivorous needs and my vegan needs can be hard, but we found a few. 

First off was our day trip to San Francisco, with the final destination being the San Francisco Public Library at 6pm to see award winning author Ruth Ozeki speak. She’s written many books that my mom loves: All Over Creation, My Year of Meats etc. and I recently started reading. We also brought along my younger cousins to explore the city. 

Right when we got into San Francisco we could tell it was going to be a beautiful day. Sunny, clear and in the high 60’s! What? Amazing weather right? 

We headed for the golden gate bridge and walked about half of it before turning back. ImageI mean just look at how clear the sky is! It was absolutely beautiful and if you’re ever in SF I highly recommend a trip to the Golden Gate. the view from up there is amazing and if you’re lucky you can spot dolphins down in the water below. Image We then headed around lookout point and down to the beach where we let my brother run wild with the cousins for a bit before heading into Golden Gate Park for lunch and a hike up Strawberry Hill. 

We stopped at the Stow Lake Boathouse for lunch and even though they offered a vegan burger it was honestly nothing to get excited about. It was a black bean morningstar patty that i knew for sure after eating one too many of those throughout high school. I asked for it on a green salad because I wasn’t really feeling a burger and noticed they had a green salad option however when I was served it was simply the patty on one piece of lettuce and one slice tomato. Um? Facepalm. Haha! Oh well! It was ok and after eating we headed up Strawberry Hill. It was steep, but the view from the top was awesome! ImageImage(on our way up) 

ImageImageTruly beautiful. After the hike we were all kind of craving something cold and sweet and so my planning came in handy! I had found a place that served both vegan and dairy gelato a few blocks from the park called Holy Gelato!

ImageAnd yes! It was delicious! I went with the coconut heaven and sea salt caramel. The coconut heaven was coconut milk based with almonds and toasted coconut and the sea salt caramel was soy based. I definitely preferred the coconut based no surprise there) but the combo of the two was awesome. and plus vegan gelato! That is so hard to find. 

By that time it was getting close to six so we headed over to the library and picked up some soy lattes to sip while we waited for it to start. Ruth Ozeki spoke beautifully about her story and I’m now more intrigued than ever to read her book. I also loved sharing that experience with my mom, as we’re both book nerds and she’s gone to so many things with me. 

It had been a long day and so we headed home snacking on things we had packed in the car just in case opting to just eat a late dinner at home. San Francisco is always such a fun place and the city has so much to offer! Hopefully you can all make it there a few times in you’re life! I know I’ll definitely be making a trip back there this summer. 


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