Amy’s Vegan Food Review

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Well. I’m finally back! I will be posting a lot more this summer, but the last two weeks have involved finals, my younger brother’s high school graduation and graduation party, and move-out. It’s been non-stop working and I’m definitely ready to enjoy my summer. 

I also wanted to share some foods that have definitely helped me get through these busy times. Amy’s foods! Amy’s makes vegetarian/vegan foods for those times you’re too busy to cook. I love that they’re widely available and affordable allowing individuals that see a veg lifestyle as expensive and out of reach to see that they can in fact afford to eat a cruelty free diet. They make everything from frozen entrees to soups to desserts. 

Amy’s is also passionate about non-GMO foods and chooses organic produce! They were passionate backers of Prop 37: Consumers Right to know and support labeling GMO foods! 

My only concern about buying pre-made meals is they are usually heavy on sodium, but Amy’s offers many low sodium dishes and soups and offers different foods for all allergy concerns. They have many gluten-free products as well!  

I tried they’re Gluten Free Bean and Rice Burrito after coming back from a long day of classes (I Love that they’re products are sold on my campus UCSC) 

ImageImageThe tortilla was awesome (unlike some gluten free tortillas I’ve had) and it was delicious! They’re relatively low calorie (less than 300) and make a great main dish. Delicious along with some steamed broccoli and fresh fruit. It takes less than 5 minutes to get ready and heats up wonderfully! I would definitely keep my freezer stocked with these during the school year. The beans also give it a boost of protein, and paired with the rice, makes for a tasty filling entree. 

I also sampled their tofu scramble pocket sandwich for breakfast one morning before heading out to a lecture. ImageImageI topped it with some organic salsa and avocado after the picture. It was delicious! I loved the mix with the shiitake mushrooms and peppers. My only complaint was that it was kind of small and left me hungry afterwards. That was quickly remedied by grabbing a piece of fruit, so this would be good to eat along with something else. It’s also low sodium and relatively low calorie (around 180). 

Lastly, I tried they’re Light and Lean Butternut squash, black bean bowl. ImageImageI love this bowl and have actually had it a few times from Amy’s! It has 10g of vegan protein and is a great, warm but light dish after a long day. I love that it’s low sodium and you can easily pop it in the microwave when you’re too lazy (or tired) to cook. 

They make no brainer easy go-to meals for vegans, which are really not widely available. I wish more companies would follow in Amy’s path and leap on the veg train. I know a few of my friends have tried more vegan dishes after sampling Amy’s vegan meals.Along with my non-vegan parents! They always stay stocked up on amy’s soups.  SO a big thank you to Amy’s for that!! 

Though I still love cooking and preparing my own meals it’s always great to keep a few things like this in my freezer for those off days.  Check out Amy’s at their website : Amy’s Foods


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