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Sorry I’ve been MIA the last few days. I’ve come down with the cold (after going nearly a year without being sick!) and the school work has been intense. 

But I wanted to share an awesome company with you all today: Lydia’s Organics. My parents introduced me to them after discovering them last year at San Francisco’s Earth Day festival. They make a wide array of Raw Vegan Products including cereal, crackers, kale chips, and spices! 

Their mission statement on their website says “Lydia’s Organics is committed to helping the planet and the next seven generations flourish by making nourishing vegan, organic, raw and gluten-free foods that cultivate a healthy and joyful life for all. Each day we strive to create environments of nourishment and community by supporting local farms, health food education and community outreach in accordance with our core values. Ultimately we want our food to become accessible to everyone on Earth.” 

After reading this and tasting some of their products needless to say I’m in love! It’s rare to find companies that truly care about their consumers, as well as fostering a sustainable food culture by emphasizing the importance of local goods! 

Their core values listed on their website include: 
PROTECT the planet, people and animals
RESPECT the interdependence of human, animal, plant, soil, and global life
PROMOTE a future emphasizing ecological sustainability
CONTRIBUTE positively to our communities and our world
INFLUENCE positive choices by people and other businesses
ENABLE healthy human livelihood through cooperation, education, and community

Their sustainable business practices include: 
We take utmost care for the preservation of the living vitality and nutrition of ingredients
We create convenient alternatives to commonly available commercial snacks
We support organic farmers and disallow GMO’s, refined sugars, and hydrogenated oils
We believe in fostering trust with all stakeholders, from suppliers to retailers to customers
We mitigate our environmental impact in production, packaging and operations
We market the most nutritious and holistically wholesome food as possible

I share so many of these passions and so I loved connecting with a company that promotes them!

As I have expressed in the past I love raw foods and the way they make me feel! Their high nutrient content, minimal processing, and fresh quality energizes me and makes me feel great about what I’m eating. 

I was particularly excited about trying their kale chips as they are one of my favorite snacks! The great thing about their kale chips is they are all yeast free! Nearly impossible to find and a great option for people that cannot eat yeast. 



I sampled the Sassy Spice, Mega Green, and Herbs de Provence. 

My favorite (of course) was the sassy spice! I absolutely love spicy foods and these really satisfy that craving for spice. 

The herbs de provence was an interesting combination of ingredients! Composed of basil, rosemary, thyme, parsley, marjoram, lavender and tarragon they made for a tasty snack! I really enjoyed this combination of savory spices! They were surprisingly complementary. 

ImageThe Mega Greens also tasted great and contained Spirulina! I love Spirulina and it’s been shown to promote health by protecting from oxidative stress and promoting the immune system as well as a healthy inflammatory response. Scientific studies suggest that Spirulina may be especially good for the brain, heart, immune system and more. (All of this info can be found on Lydia’s website) This makes for a nutritionally dense awesome tasting snack! 

I also loved sampling their raw, vegan bars! 



As a college student, constantly on the go I love having a healthy, nutritionally-dense bar to keep me going during the day. These bars are minimally processed compared to most of what’s on the market, with few ingredients and an impressive flavor. 

My favorite by far was the Tropical Mango bar! I love coconut and this bar was packed with raw coconut, mango, banana and other great ingredients. 

The bars are pretty dry and remind me of a fruity biscotti, though you can rehydrate them with water I was such a fan of their crunch that I ate them as is. 

ImageThe lemon ginger bar was also fantastic and packed with buckwheat groats and healthy fats from the sunflower seeds. 

ImageMy second favorite was the raspberry bar! The healthy fats were provided by coconut and flaxseeds. The combo of coconut and raspberry was a delicious duo! 

ImageAs a self-confessed chocolate addict this bar was a welcome snack after a long day of lectures. The cacao was subtle and it wasn’t too sweet like many other chocolatey snacks. It was super satisfying and could easily curb a sweet craving. ImageAnd Spirulina again! Also delicious and packed with green nutrients. 

The bars are all raw, vegan, gluten free, organic, and many are nut free! Thus accessible to nearly any consumer. 

ImageImageNext I tried their Raw Beet Crackers! I LOVED these. One of my favorites of the products I sampled. They were delicious dipped in hummus and salsa and I loved the spice from the cayenne and chili powder. It’s rare to find chips or crackers that are so nutritionally dense with great ingredients. These would easily satisfy any crunchy craving. 

I also sampled some of their raw vegan cereals. 

ImageImageThey were both delicious! And packed with buckwheat groats, raw dried fruits, coconut, sunflower seeds, and raw flavorings such as vanilla. Not only do they taste great, but they work well as granola! My favorite way to eat them was with fresh fruit and almond milk. They are much more satisfying than typical breakfast cereals and not nearly as processed. I sometimes just grabbed a small handful from the bag as a snack! 

Lastly I tried their raw seasoning. 

ImageImageTheir seasoning is packed with veggies, sea vegetables, and organic spices. The sodium is also very low! 

I tossed some into a tofu scramble: Image Used it for seasoning sautéed veggies and flavoring pan fried tofu: ImageMy family all loved it as well! It smelled great as soon as I opened it and so I was sure it would taste awesome! Can;t wait to continue expierementing with  it! 


Lydia’s is a fantastic company with a passion for creating nutritional, healthy products that promote busy lifestyles! If you’re looking for great tasting vegan foods check out their website! You can order their products online!

I definitely can’t wait to order more goodies! 



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