Playing Catch Up and Hilary’s Eat Well Review

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I haven’t posted in awhile! The last week I’ve been busy with classes and schoolwork and joining the school newspaper staff.

This week has involved lots of reading for classes in coffee shops


and a few stops at the gym before class…


which equaled going to class a sweaty mess, but that’s ok nothing wrong with showering after class. I’m still taking it pretty easy, but I’m loving doing some cardio on the bike and a few strength training machines. I’m working on building some upper body strength.

The last week has involved lots of loaded salads, because it’s been too hot to cook.


ImageI bake a few sweet potatoes and then store them in a container in the fridge, so they’re easy to chop up and put on top of salads during the week. I also love strawberries and avocado in salad! Pretty much goes well with any other ingredients.

They make quick, no brainer meals when your tired after a long day of lectures.

There have also been a few stir-fry’s in there, because they’re my favorite go to vegan meal.

ImageTempeh, kale, brussel sprouts, mushrooms, Bragg’s liquid Aminos, Trader Joe’s sweet chili sauce = YUM!

This weekend my roommates and I went to the SCOC festival at our school. It was nice and sunny and involved face paint and art in a VW bus.




It was a great way to get out of the apartment this Sunday! Though I can never stand the music they play at those events. Agh. The lyrics of that music is just awful.

Oh well, the sunshine made up for the music.

Now on to Hilary’s Eat Well Burgers!

I’ve really been enjoying these Vegan burgers over the last month. They are hands down the best frozen veggie burgers I’ve ever had and they have an impressive list of ingredients. They’re gluten-free, dairy-free, corn-free, egg-free, soy-free, yeast-free, and nut-free! Thus, making them accessible to almost anyone with allergies. They are also non-GMO.

The first one I tried was the Adzuki Bean Burger

ImageImageYou can simply pop them in the toaster to cook them making them the perfect option for busy (ahem. Lazy) college students. They come out warm and toasty and absolutely delicious. You can actually see the ingredients and taste them, unlike other mystery veggie burgers I’ve had in the past.

The Adzuki Bean burgers are made of quinoa, millet, aduki beans, sweet potato, ACV, green chilies, and chipotle among other things.

Next I tried the Black Rice Burger!


I loved this one and it was probably my favorite! The nice thing about these are that they are big patties and very filling and satisfying. Full of Vegan protein from the beans, brown rice, and sweet potatoes! I absolutely loved these on top of big salads.


Or topped with a dollop of avocado hummus. The creamy hummus and toasty burger made a perfect combo.

Finally was, of course, The World’s Best Veggie Burger!

Somehow the pictures of that one went missing, or maybe I just ate it before I snapped a picture, because it was so GOOD.


This one was incredible as well! It was delicious on sprouted bread spread with avocado and greens and tomatoes.

I’m in love with Hilary’s Eat Well and have already picked up some more. They’re pretty affordable and a great item to keep in your freezer when your in a pinch. If you’ve had a bad experience with pre made veggie burgers (because I know I’ve had) give these a try! Super tasty, full of good wholesome ingredients and easy to prepare.

They are also a certified B corporation meaning they are certified by the nonprofit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. Find out more about B corp’s here:

I’ve been trying to find out which products carry this certification, because I think it’s a great label to stand behind and show my support for. Head on over to Hilary’s Eat Well and see where they are sold near you!



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