Alive and Radiant Raw Snacks

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So I’ve talked about my love of raw vegan snack foods before on the blog and today I wanted to share one of my favorites! 

I’ve been hooked on Alive and Radiant kale chips (and various other green chips) since I first tried their teriyaki greens snacks. 


With ingredients like collard greens, kale, coconut, sesame seeds, chia seeds, wheat free tamari sauce, and ginger among others, I was sure they would be amazing. And wow! They didn’t disappoint. I find it hard to walk past these in New Leaf Market without picking up a bag (though often the price deters me). If they are ever on sale I buy a bag and even though it says 2 servings…the bag is always gone in 1 😉

The statement about their products on their website states: 

Our story is a story about YOU. It’s about your quest for an insanely delicious and healthy snack. It’s about your desire for clean food and a brand you can trust. It’s about your support of organic agriculture and a company that cares about its customers, its employees, and its community. In short, it’s about your dream to make the world a little bit more Alive & Radiant.

I love companies that truly care about their consumers health and needs. All of their snack are Raw, Vegan, and Gluten Free making them accessible to many! I love that they make a nutritionally dense snack that is also insanely delicious! 

Recently I got the opportunity to sample a few of their other chips and was in love!


The first ones I cracked open were their new seasonal product! Their spring onion kale chips. Wow! These were very flavorful and completely satisfied my love for garlic-y snacks. It amazes me how simple healthy ingredients can taste so amazing. These chips are better than any potato chip and so satisfying. The combo of garlic and onion reminded me slightly of sour cream and onion chips (from far back in my memory). 

They definitely leave you with garlic breath, but it’s worth it for these delicious crunchy snacks. 


The Spicy Superfood were broken into when I was studying for finals. There’s just something about intense studying that makes me so hungry. 

I’ve always loved spicy foods! Anything eye watering, nose running, mouth burning spicy. These satisfied that love perfectly. They had a subtle spice that creeps on you and the flavor was amazing. I also loved that they were packed with super foods like spirulina and maca. And they also contain the nutrition powerhouse Tumeric! I was drinking tons of water while eating these, but I love the pain that is spicy foods, so if you love spicy check these out! 


Next I went for the Superfood Kale chips! I have to say the spicy version was my favorite, but these were absolutely delicious too. They’re also packed with maca, spirulina, and chia seeds. You also get a dose of healthy fats from the cashews and seeds. 

It feels great to snack on a product that’s not only delicious but a nutritional powerhouse.

Finally, I sampled their arugula cabbage chips!  ImageI have to say these were probably my least favorite, NOT because they weren’t tasty, but because the other ones were just so good! I’m also not the biggest fan of dill which probably biased my opinion. They still made for a satisfying vegan snack! Their ingredients: Cabbage*, Arugula*, Sesame Seeds*, Lemon Juice*, Pumpkin Seeds*, Chia Seeds*, Nutritional Yeast, Garlic*, Extra Virgin Olive Oil*, Himalayan Crystal Salt, Apple Cider Vinegar*, Caraway seeds*, Dill* *Organic

I love that all of the ingredients are organic and dehydrated so that it maintains optimal nutritional benefits. 

It’s true raw kale chips like Alive and Radiant can be a bit pricey, but they’re an excellent treat and my favorite reward after tests or finals. 🙂 The Teriyaki Greens are still my absolute favorite and I would buy cases of them if I wasn’t afraid I would eat the whole case in a day. 

Like their website says: “Open your mouth and say, “Ommm.”” Which you will. I know I certainly did. 

Check out all of their flavors and products here Kaia Foods

Now I’m off to dig in to a bag of Teriyaki Greens, because this addiction just can’t be cured. 🙂



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