New Beginnings

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I’m a few days into the start of a new quarter at school and I can already feel the work building up. I’m taking two Literature classes this quarter: Novel Reading Science Fiction and Lit 1-01, along with a third GE class. So of course when I went to buy books I came home with quite a stack. ImageBut I am pretty excited about reading a few of these! They are all new to me except King Lear so it will be good to build up my classic literary knowledge. Now if I can just keep them all straight for the different classes…

I also just joined the campus newspaper, City on A Hill Press, this quarter as a copy editor so that’s exciting! I’m hoping it will be a good way too meet people! It adds a lot more work to my busy schedule. but since I’m hoping to go into publishing one day it will be good experience. This Saturday I have all day newspaper Boot Camp where I get to learn the ropes. 

I was really looking forward to nice, warm spring weather when I got back from Spring break, but no. Mother Nature has decided differently. It’s been rainy, cold and windy! The kind of weather where you feel afraid to open your umbrella for fear it will turn inside out! Maybe that’s a sign I need a better umbrella. ImageIn my literature class the rain was pounding so hard it was hard to hear the professor even with a microphone! Luckily it eased up a bit when class let out. 

I’m glad it’s rainy. We desperately need it! But I am looking forward to the warm weather returning. I’m looking forward to wearing shorts again and doing my schoolwork outside! This weather makes me want to sleep all day under warm blankets, and has made me feel pretty lazy. For some reason the warm weather is so much more energizing. I feel like all my energy goes towards just keeping warm on days like these. 

At least I can enjoy my hot tea and hot cocoa for a little bit longer! 

I’m hoping the weather will be nice enough for the farmer’s market to still be held! I seriously need to stock up on some produce, so I can try out my new juicer! ImageImage I love freshly made juice! But it’s so darn expensive to buy from stores or juice bars so I was glad to finally get a juicer to keep with me at school. I went for the Brevile this time instead of Jack Lalanne after reading reviews online. The compact size fits perfectly in my little college apartment and even fits on the counter beneath the cabinets. As soon as I stock up on fruit and veg I will be doing some major juicing and try out some new combos! 

I’m excited to try juicing sweet potato and bell pepper after seeing it recommended on Instagram. I’ve never thought of juicing those two before. I’ll be posting all of my successful concoctions! 

Until then I’ll be reading up a storm for classes and keeping dry. 



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