Emmy’s Organics AMAZING macaroons Review

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I recently received some products from Emmy’s Organics company to review. I discovered their raw vegan chai spice macaroons while on a family vacation in Point Reyes and I’ve been in love ever since. Their macaroons are mainly made up of raw shredded coconut, raw agave, almond flour, raw coconut oil and a variety of flavors and spices depending on the flavor. Their dense, coconut-y and absolutely fantastic.

ImageThe first flavor I dug into was of course the dark cacao! Unbelievably fudge, and with an incredible deep cacao taste these tasted like a little piece of heaven. I love that their packed with healthy fats and make an excellent sweet treat that is both vegan, gluten free, and low glycemic. Dare I say they taste even better than a baked cookie?

They were much more satisfying to me and just one would make an excellent dessert or anytime sweet treat, that is if you can stop yourself at one 😉

ImageThe mint chip flavor was next and I think these may be my favorite (next to the coconut vanilla)! The chocolate chip flavor was due to raw cacao nibs and was fantastic. these were a little lighter, not quite as rich and very refreshing due to the organic peppermint oil and spearmint leaf. The coconut balanced out the flavor surprisingly well and made these a fantastic little treat.

ImageNext were the choco orange macaroons! The infusion of organic orange oil and peel with the deep cacao taste was delicious. if your a fan of citrus infused chocolate these would be the flavor for you!

ImageThe chai spice macaroons were just as amazing as I remembered them. Infused with organic cinnamon, organic ginger, organic nutmeg, organic cardamom, and organic clove they were a perfect imitation of the spicy chai I love to drink. I really love the combination of spices with the soft coconut and think it really enhances the chai flavor!

ImageImageThe coconut vanilla were also in my top two! So fantastic. The almond flour softens the macaroons making them taste like little coconut clouds.

Image I didn’t get a chance to snap a picture of the lemon ginger but I also loved these! Also very light and refreshing. Soft lemon ginger infused coconut macaroons! I loved the balance of flavors, the ginger didn’t overpower the lemon and vice versa. A wonderful balance of flavors.

Then I also had the privilege of trying their Apricot Vanilla Super Cereal. Image

Cereal that’s raw, vegan, and gluten free? Sign me up! I’ve been interested in trying raw cereal for awhile now, but the price tag often deters me, but after trying this I may have to look into making my own! ImageI mean look at those ingredients! Doesn’t get much more high quality than that. ImageI love buckwheat groats. They give a nice crunch to my homemade granola and are delicious over non dairy yogurt or with fresh fruit and almond/coconut milk. Their super cereal is packed with chunks of dried apricot (yum!) and a healthy serving with fruit and non dairy yogurt or milk is much more satisfying than regular cereal. It kept me full a lot longer, as regular cereal usually leaves me hungry within an hour or two of eating.

It’s slightly sweet, but a lot lower in sugar than traditional cereals and higher in protein due to the buckwheat.

I also loved reading about how their company got started in a kitchen, slowly expanding to co-op’s and then to bigger stores like Whole Foods. I love hearing about people with a  passion for vegan foods that make their passion into a reality! Supporting small businesses is a great way for more stories like Emmy’s to become a reality.

Check out their products at their website: Emmy’s Organics

And their Facebook account: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Emmys-Organics/76885732861

Their macaroons and other products are absolutely fantastic. You won’t regret giving them a try! Can’t wait to get my hands on some more.


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