I feel everything too much

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I was surfing the Internet when I came across some ads for Sea World. Whenever I see an ad for marine parks I feel physically ill. In high school when I had to do a report on a problem going on in the world I did a report on marine parks and dolphin slaughter in Japan. The sighting of the ads led to this Facebook post:

“I honestly do not understand the draw of marine parks. How is it awesome to go see wild animals, meant to be swimming hundreds of miles a day in the ocean, penned up in small tanks? It’s sickening. Choosing a moment of personal pleasure over an animal’s freedom.”

I then spent the next hour worked up to a point where I was very emotional and easily irritated. I had to distract myself with funny youtube videos to take my mind off things. 

Sometimes I wish i didn’t feel everything so much. I wish my heart didn’t ache when I think of the cruel acts inflicted upon living creatures in this world. I wish I didn’t react so extremely to any hints at animal abuse or exploitation. 

But I do. I am an emotional person. I am easily affected by actions against other living creatures. That is who I am. I can’t change that and I shouldn’t try. 

I am doing all I can to make the world a better place through my diet and lifestyle choices. I am doing all I can to be proud of the choices and actions I make.

I would rather feel the hurt then be ignorant to it. 

One day I will see all marine parks and circuses with exotic animals closed down. Because it’s the right thing to do. We should not exploit animals for personal pleasure. 

But until then I will just keep living and moving forward day by day to a more peaceful and humane future. 


2 thoughts on “I feel everything too much

    Kendall blenkarn said:
    March 22, 2014 at 1:57 pm

    Sarah! I feel the exact same way. Sometimes I’m taken aback by how sensitive I am when it comes to animals, like I have zero tolerance for cruelty in any form- so much so that I will burst into tears at a moments notice. A huge part of me going vegan was because I couldn’t stand to contribute to any animals suffering by my hand, and it is sometimes so hard to see people mindlessly consume. It seems that no one thinks for even a minute about the cruelty of the meat industry, the fact that meat is everywhere is a privilege. I used to get so worked up at people! Until I realized that me subtly educating was better, and the realization that all I can do is live by my values and do my best for the causes I care about 🙂

      sarmclaughlin responded:
      March 22, 2014 at 5:12 pm

      Yes. I hate coming across as preachy or condescending so I usually just keep my mouth shut, but it’s worse because it’s like I internalize everything and then I’m just a ball of emotions. Then when I try to explain my reasoning for being vegan or for not participating in certain “accepted” activities I become highly emotional and people don’t take me seriously, but when it comes to animal and human rights I can’t help it. I feel everything to much and it’s hard to control it. I’m glad that I’ve found the Instagram community becomes it’s nice to be surrounded by people with similar emotions. I just need to meet more of those people in my everyday life 🙂 I’m slowly coming to terms with the fact that I honestly can’t really change other people but only live by my values

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