Getting my groove back

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The last few weeks I’ve felt more normal than I’ve felt probably in years.

I’ve been incorporating a little bit of exercise back into my life, eating regular filling meals, and my mindset has been very positive. I’m balancing school work with activities for pleasure. Meaning I get out to the beach or Westcliff drive at least once a week. I don’t let myself stress out about diet, exercise, or school. I’m simply trying to do my best and not stress about the rest.

It’s taken me years to come to terms with the fact that I can only do my best. I can’t compare my actions and choices to others and must do what’s best for me. It’s so easy to absorb everyone else’s opinions and allow them to influence my perception of myself, but that’s only made me extremely unhappy and stressed in the past.

But like I’ve said before, I had to struggle to come to these realizations. I’m glad too say I’m feeling happy and somewhat confident again. I’m starting to hit my stride and become more secure in my choices and my future. 🙂


So now that finals are almost over I’m feeling positive.

I woke up this morning, had a nice breakfast and then headed to the gym for a bit. I honestly have not been to the gym except once this school year. I do blogilates and some pilates videos by Mary Winsor in addition to hiking around to all my classes, but I’ve been taking it easy on physical activity since I was working on regaining strength this year.

When I got to the gym I did some cardio on the bike and then headed to the strength training machines. I was surprised that I could move the weight up on several of the machines, mostly leg machines. Gaining some weight and increasing my health has made me stronger and I had more energy! I now concentrate on strength training with a bit of cardio. Most long cardio is honestly boring to me. I have to be in the right mood for it.

I left the gym feeling great and came back to prepare a great lunch! Image A giant salad packed with artichokes, berries, carrots, cucumber, and pumpkin seeds topped with a Hilary’s Eat well black rice burger. Later drizzled with hummus dressing.

These burgers are amazing! Plus you can cook them in the toaster, perfect for a tired college student. They come out toasty and perfect. Their non GMO, vegan, corn free, dairy free, and soy free.. Plus gluten free! They are also a complete plant protein.

Also enjoyed a small fruit salad from the campus cafe. Eating right and exercising now makes me feel positive and is no longer a source of stress.

Learning to be happy is a process that I’m still working on, but eliminating stresses day by day is making me a healthier, happier person. Image


This video has been bringing a smile to my face lately, hopefully it will to you too:


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