Mary’s Crackers Review

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I’ve always loved Mary’s Crackers from the first time I found them at Costco. The ingredient list was impressive with brown rice, quinoa, flax seeds, etc. Plus everything was organic, non gmo, gluten free, and vegan! The flavor was also surprisingly delicious with a nice crunch and texture.

So over the years I’ve always kept Mary’s Crackers on hand! Plus a plate of their crackers and homemade hummus is always a crowd pleaser at parties!

However, since I’ve discovered their products a few years ago they have really expanded on flavors and new products, now carrying pretzel sticks, cookies, and bread crumbs! All touting an impressive ingredient list and sticking to the organic, non gmo quality.

Recently I tried a few of their newer products and was very impressed: ImageTheir curry(!!!) pretzel sticks and twigs, double chocolate vegan cookies, and their spicy jalapeño crackers.

Of course my favorite pairing for Mary’s products is hummus so my snacks consisted of hope hummus sweet potato flavor and their crackers and pretzels. ImageThe jalapeño crackers were particularly impressive! Spicy, crunchy and amazing flavor. Usually spicy crackers tend to run the milder side, but these had exactly the kind of bite I like in my spicy products. ImagePlus their products tend to be more satisfying than regular crackers packed with healthy fats and grains.

The curry pretzels were also delicious. I’m a huge curry fan, so of course these were a favorite and fun to snack on. Even by themselves the flavor is amazing and I loved grabbing a handful from the bag to snack on or have on the side of my lunch.

Of course after all the savory, a little sweet was needed. Their double chocolate cookies were delicious! Dipped in So Delicious Almond Milk. Also organic, non gmo, vegan, wheat free, and low glycemic with a boost from Chia seeds. With all of these great ingredients they were still soft and chewy reminiscent of the ones I had as a kid. Image


Mary’s Gone Crackers is a great company and I love that so many of their products are accessible to people with allergies and intolerances. If you haven’t discovered Mary’s Cracker’s yet check out their website or FB account for more information.


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