My “no diet” diet

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I constantly hear people saying that a food has too many carbs, sugars, fats, etc. I used to be one of those people. I concentrated more on the number, then the ingredients or how the food made me feel.

There were foods I just wouldn’t eat. The media had “villanized” those foods. You know those shows focused on telling you what you should NEVER eat, or the ads on the Internet that focus on foods that will make you fat; they are targeted at making people feel insecure about their diets and food choices. They feed on people’s fear of gaining weight, being unhealthy, or of contracting diseases.

I must admit that I fell victim to these claims. However if you take in every thing the media tells you about what you should or shouldn’t eat you will eventually reach the point where there’s hardly anything you can eat and feel good about.

Taking in all of these outside opinions on diet are extremely stressful. Restaurants became land mines and grocery shopping was exhausting. Checking every food label and weighing nutritional facts against each other is not a way to live.

Once I was able to make peace with food and realize it’s there to nourish and feed you, I was able to see through the ploys of media and recognize what makes me feel my best physically and emotionally.

This meant more whole foods. ImageImage

And less processed foods.

Learning that sometimes a little real maple syrup made me happier and feel better than always using stevia. Natural sweetness had it’s place in my diet and also had it’s nutritional benefits. Not that there’s anything with stevia, I still use it often, but there’s nothing wrong with a little natural sugar now and then.

I made my peace with fruit. Sure it has sugar, but it’s natural sugar and not metabolized the same way by the body as processed white sugar. Now I eat as much as I want and feel great!

I made peace with potatoes. Yes potatoes have starch and carbs, but they are also a whole food! 1 ingredient and full of vitamin C, folate, vitamin B6, and niacin, as well as good amounts of pantothenic acid, thiamin, vitamin K, and riboflavin. Image

Cafe Gratitude’s roasted potatoes with cashew spicy “cheez” sauce! AKA heaven in a little brown box.

I no longer weigh foods by fats, carbs, sugars , etc, but eat what I crave and what makes me feel good! It can be scary switching from a diet heavily reliant on nutritional facts, but it will not make you fat. Our bodies are often smarter than we are and when we fuel them correctly with whole foods and nutritionally dense foods they will send us the correct signals for how to nourish them.

Food is there to nourish us and fuel our busy lives. It’s not mention to punish us. Once I recognized this I was able to enjoy food! And more importantly concentrate on building my relationships with loved ones and concentrating on other aspects of my life that make me happy.

I was surprised how much of my time before was spent on thinking about food and how much time I now had to concentrate on other things. It’s truly a relief. It’s time for us to stop “villanizing” foods and make peace. Happiness is more important.


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