Greens Plus Nutrition Review

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I recently discovered a line of nutritional products that carries many vegan options and I’ve really been loving them lately. They were nice enough to send me some product to review and its all been delicious so far!

ImageI’m always looking for a way to add some extra greens, omegas, and probiotics to my diet and that’s why I love the Greens Plus products.

In their Superfood Berry Plus Powder they have superfuits, sea vegetables, and probiotic cultures. It’s ingredients boast spirulina, chlorella, dulse, acai berry, and oat grass. Plus it’s vegan, soy, dairy, and gluten free! I love adding it to smoothies and stirring it into non-dairy yogurt for a breakfast parfait. Image

I mixed a scoop of their berry plus with So Delcious non dairy cultured coconut milk and layered it with banana, melted berries, and pecan granola! So good and love the punch of greens it added to my breakfast.

I also added it into smoothies and really love it mixed with banana, almond milk, frozen raspberries, spinach, and chia seeds.

I even added a scoop into my steel cut oatmeal! Image

And sprinkled it with hemp hearts and spirulina. Love the easy way to add in some extra nutrients to my diet.

I’ve also been enjoying mixing up their individual pouches of amazon chocolate powder with water or almond milk after class for a quick shot of greens, super foods, and probiotics. The taste of these are a little grittier than I usually like but blending with a frozen banana remedies that quickly!

Finally on to the bars. Both of the flavors I reviewed are amazing! I especially love the peanut butter and chocolate, but then again anything peanut butter and chocolate doesn’t have to do much to win my heart. It;s studded with chia seeds and little vegan chocolate chips making it even more delicious. Plus it has a really authentic delicious taste, not artificial at all like some bars!

ImageImageI mean look at that chocolate action! Yum!

The coffee and chocolate crisp is a close second! I’ve enjoyed grabbing one of these bars and a piece of fruit on the way too my early class! Also good when I’m up late studying and the hunger bug strikes!  ImageOk, no I don’t usually make that face while I eat, but these bars do bring a smile to my face! They are lower sugar than most vegan bars out there at about 7 grams a bar and under 200 calories. Plus packed with chia seeds and a bit of protein!

I’ve also had their dark chocolate and blueberry almond in the past and it’s also a favorite. I definitely recommend checking this company out to find out more: Greens Plus ! If your not vegan they also carry non vegan bars and products.


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