My current Snack Addiction

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I love Raw foods. I just can’t get enough. Fruits and veggies, but also those pricey raw vegan snacks like kale chips, raw cookies, and raw chocolate. My taste buds love them, my body loves them, but my wallet not so much…

That’s why I practically jumped for joy when Brad’s Raw Foods sent me some products for review! I’ve been searching for their kale chips since I saw them posted by another Instagram blogger. I was also thrilled to try their Raw Sweet Potato Chips.

The benefits of raw foods are numerous and have been extremely beneficial for people looking to lose weight. By not cooking or heating the foods above 115 degrees it’s thought to preserve the enzymes and the foods optimum nutritional value. It’s also touted for it’s ability to increase energy, clear skin, and reduce risk of diseases. A raw food diet is low in Saturated fats, sodium, sugars and of course eliminates most processed foods.While I myself do not follow a raw food diet I find I feel my best when I make raw foods a large part of my diet!

After a long day of reading and studying I cracked open Brad’s raw crunchy Vampire Killer Kale Chips and got comfortable with an old favorite movie: My Best Friend’s Wedding


These Kale Chips were amazing! Seriously, the BEST store bought chips I’ve had.


I mean just look at those chips? The garlic and vegan cheesy flavor was incredibly addicting and slightly reminiscent of Cheez-it’s. Except packed with essential nutrients and enzymes that enhance digestion and dramatically increase energy levels. Coated with red bell pepper, cashews, sunflower seeds, lemon juice, scallions, chickpea miso, garlic, and Himalayan sea salt they blew my taste buds away.

Despite the price tag I can definitely see me treating myself to some in the future! They are worth the price. They also carry kale chips in Nacho, Nasty Hot, Naked, and Pina Kale-ada flavor!

Then came Brad’s Raw Chips which I enjoyed some of on the side of my lunch today. I tried their Raw Sweet Potato Chips and wow! Also delicious!

ImageAdd Hope Hummus Sweet Potato Hummus and I had a killer combo.Image

I also loved reading Brad’s story on their website and the back of their Chip Bag, about how he went from being overweight, high cholesterol, low energy, and lack of sleep to losing 40 lbs., bringing his cholesterol up to a healthy level, and gaining energy by following a raw food diet!

I love companies that truly care about their consumers health and create products that are delicious, inventive, and nourishing! Plus these products are organic, non gmo, kosher, gluten free, raw vegan, and have no hydrogenated oils making them an accessible snack for almost everyone.

Brad’s Raw Foods is an awesome company and their products are delicious! Definitely check them out:

Now I just need to figure out how to make kale chips just as delicious in my dehydrator! I will definitely be experimenting and sharing my successes on here.


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